Studio Booking Agreement Form (#24)

Studio Booking Agreement

i) Payment and cancellations

  • The rental fee and security deposit must be paid in full before using the space.
  • We only offer studio and rental credit, no refunds, but you can reschedule your booking no later than 2 days before the booked date. No refunds for last-minute bookings. (For example, If your event date is in 2 days and you are booking today In the case of extenuating circumstances, such as global pandemics and other emergencies, rental credit will be applied at all times; rental credit means you can still reschedule your booking

ii)Use of space

  • Booking must be completed by adults only (18 years + If you are an adult and reserving the space for teen events such as prom, birthday parties, and Halloween, please ensure no alcohol is served at the party or carried into the building.
  • Violating the non-alcohol terms will result in immediate termination of the session with no refunds, and everyone must leave the building within 15 minutes; otherwise, local law enforcement will be contacted.
  • BYOB, serving and consuming alcohol on the premises is allowed only for adults; a liquor licence must be provided. Please email us a copy of the license.
  • You can set up a liquor bar for your event. The sale of liquor is not allowed!
  • All forms of smoking. vaping and shisha are prohibited inside the property. Violating the smoking terms will result in immediate termination of the session with no refunds, and everyone must leave the building within 15 minutes; otherwise, local law enforcement will be contacted.
  • Dry ice. fog. and haze machines are allowed in the entire studio but must be monitored at all times.
  • You can move props and furniture to any location of your choice, but ensure that all moved items are returned to their original position. We recommend taking a picture of the item in its original position before moving them.
  • Customers are responsible for any damages done by themselves or their guests during their session.
  • Standing or stepping on the furniture is prohibited. If you need to move furniture or props, please lift the items and do not drag them-this damages the floors and furniture. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact
  • All common areas are camera monitored, but we do not have cameras inside the studio rooms.

iii) Ticket events

  • No sales of tickets or entrance fees on the property or premises. For ticketed events, please ensure all tickets are issued or sold before the event; there are no queues or ticket sales on the property or entrance door.
  • Security personnel must be present for all ticketed events and all events exceeding 80 guests.

iv) Capacity

  • The studio is priced based on guest size and duration. The studio allows a maximum of 150 guests. Please stay within booked capacity; exceeding the booked number of guests inside the property will incur an added cost of $25 per person.
  • We reserve the right to end the session if the maximum capacity (150 guests) is exceeded. We have an electronic counter installed on both doors for an accurate head count. Our studio attendant can also check the rooms during your time if the maximum capacity is exceeded or if a violation of studio rules and safety is suspected.

v) Time extension and expiration

  • (FOR EVENTS ONLY) Booking comes with an extra 1hr for preparation and set-ups and another Ihr for tear- down and pack-ups. That means you'll get two free hours added to your booked time.
  • Customers and guests are to exit the studio upon time expiration. If you choose to extend your booked time, please get in touch with the front desk or studio attendant before your initial booked time expiration. The rate will be priced based on guest capacity and duration
  • Violating these terms will result in an overtime penalty calculated based on guest size and duration

vi) Accessibility

  • Use the garage door at the back entrance for moving props and equipment.
  • The space comes with installed sound speakers and subwoofers; our studio attendant will show you how to access the plugins and inputs.

vii) Security deposit

  • (FOR EVENTS ONLY) A $750 security hold will be authorized on your credit card; this is not an actual charge; This will be deducted in the case of any minor damages, exceeded capacity and time or other studio violations. If incurred cost is above the security hold, the difference will be charged to your authorized card on file. or a reoccurring payment arrangement will be scheduled.

viii) Pets

  • $250 refundable security hold is required for bringing pets into the studio. This covers damages and muck, otherwise will be cancelled after your session. Please be sure to contact the studio beforehand.

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