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How do I book the studio?

To book a studio, choose a preferred studio from the “Rent studios” button on the home page or select from the list of dropdowns at the menu bar.  On the next screen, set a date and proceed to preferred time and duration, followed by “Number of guests expected” “Type of Production,” then hit the “Add to cart” button—complete checkout with payment details on the next screen. Once payment is completed, you will automatically receive an email with the booking confirmation and other information.

How far in advance should I book a studio?

As soon as you know when you would like to use the studio, snap it, grab it—before someone else does. Also, have an alternate date in mind—just in case.

What is the minimum time frame?

Our minimum booking time slot is 1 hour for a single studio and 4 hours for an intimate event space.

What if I want more time?

Assuming that the space you are renting is available after your time is done, we would be happy to open up an additional extra hour for rent.  Please factor in the time to bring in or remove your belongings from the space—this is counted as part of your reservation. If you exceed your reservation time for more than 15minutes after expiration, you will be charged extra.

Does BC Studios offer tours?

Oh Yeah! We enjoy welcoming guests to tour the space. Tours are offered by appointment only. Please get in touch with us to book a tour.

Can I shoot a music video?

We love it when creatives shoot music videos in our space. Let us know if there are ways we can help to ensure a smooth production. We have an experienced production crew on standby to assist.

What about photography?

The space is primarily designed for photos and videos.

Can I rent your space for an event?

As much as we love parties, Bc Studios is not an event space, but we can accommodate productions, talk shows, seminars, and intimate gatherings, at a 50 person max capacity. See the studio booking tab or contact us for more info.

Can you publish my work on your website or social media?

We love to be inspired by the work created in our studio. You can tag us on Instagram @bcstudiostoronto or send us a copy of your best work, and we will share it proudly with our community.

Do you ever teach or give workshops?

Yes, we do! Check our website and social media for updates.

Each set is curated with specific furniture and decor pieces and is rented as-is.

How much can I customize the set?

We love creativity, so show us what you got – safely!

Do Bc Studios provide photography services?

Yes, we do. You also have the option of adding a photographer to studio booking. If you decide to add a photographer, please contact us to discuss shoot ideas and concepts.

Do Bc Studios provide Videography services?

Yes, we do. You do not have the option of adding a photographer to studio booking. If you need a videographer, we have one in-house. You can find work samples here

please get in touch with us to discuss shoot ideas and concepts.


Where can I store my personal belongings?

We advise that you bring all your belonging into the booked studio space. However, please be sure to take them home with you after your reservation. Bc Studio is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings left behind by guests and space users.

Can I arrange delivery and storage of props at Bc studios?

We understand that guests may want unique props outside of what we offer for their shoots. If you need to arrange delivery and storage of such items before your session, please contact us and make arrangements.

Can I bring my pets?

We do allow pets under certain conditions. please get in touch with us before your production date

What if I need to move furniture and other structures around?

Our staff are onsite to help you answer questions you might have. They are also there to help you move specific furniture if required. Please do not attempt to move large structures on your own; speak with our onsite associate. If you need to move furniture, please lift them or use the trolly located at the studio’s back.

What if I need technical assistance?

Our staffs are onsite to help you with every technical assistance.

How can I help keep the space in order?  

We are pleased to welcome guests to Bc Studios. Our Associates are onsite to help ensure that you have the best possible experience in the space. Please understand that as part of creating a beautiful experience and maintaining a great environment, our associates will do a walk around of the space 15 minutes before the end of your reservation to confirm that all furniture is where it should be, nothing is damaged, and garbage is in the proper receptacle.

Please bring/wear indoor shoes while in the space. Do not step on the furniture in shoes. If you take pictures in your outdoor shoes, you will be asked to wipe them down with one of our cleaning products.

Can I bring special effects to BC Studios?

Dry ice, haze and fog machines are allowed. Open flames, wax candles, slime, and sparklers are prohibited.

If you are bringing confetti, glitter, artificial snow, sand, feathers, or flowers into the space, please also indicate that at the time of reservation.

Who do I contact if I have an emergency?

If you have a medical emergency or require a first aid kit during your time at Bc Studio, please request assistance from our Associates.

In the event of a fire, please dial 9-1-1. A fire extinguisher is located hallway. The fire escape is located at the back of the studio.

What if I break something?

Yes, accidents do happen. However, if you break, stain, rip, or do any form of property damage, you will be charged a replacement fee, depending on the item. Any floor damage is subject to a repair fee ranging between $250 – $500.

Camera Rentals

How to check if an equipment is available?

When you select preferred equipment, calendar availability will be displayed; If the date is available, the item is available, and you can complete the rental process.

When are pick up and return?

Rented equipment can be picked up from 9:00 am on a rented date and due for return at 11:00 am the next day. Weekend rentals can be picked up from Friday after 4:00 pm and are scheduled for return at 11:00 am on the next business day.

Do I need insurance or a security deposit?

First-time renters are required to create an account by

(1) Signing a rental agreement in person.

(2) Present a copy of the Canadian government-issued ID and credit card to be copied and saved on your account.

(3) A valid certificate of insurance listing “Budget Camera Studio Inc” as a holder is required before picking up rentals.

This insurance is valid for the duration stated in the policy and needs to be renewed upon expiration if you wish to continue renting.


A $500 – $1000 refundable security hold will be required. In addition, you will also be required to sign an agreement to be responsible for the complete replacement or repair cost of rented equipment in the case of theft or damage.

What is your cancellation policy?

Booking must be paid in full at the time of your reservation.

  • Full payment must be completed at the time of booking.
  • If you wish to make changes to a booking, please contact us. Changes will be made based on studio availability.
  • We offer studio credit for cancelled bookings (no refunds after 24hours of booking).
  • If you cancel your reservation with over 48 hours’ notice from your booked date, your reschedule fee will be 20% of your booking value.
  • If you cancel your reservation within 24- 48 hours of your booking date, your reschedule fee will be 50% of your booking value.
  • If you cancel within 24 hours of your booking date, you will be liable for the booking’s total value.
  • You can reschedule your booking in the case of a last-minute verifiable emergency / extenuating circumstance. (this supersedes all other cancellation conditions)

for more information, see the terms and conditions 

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Effective date: DEC 1, 2021


This Extenuating Circumstances Policy explains how cancellations are handled when unforeseen events beyond studio and customer control arise after booking and make it impracticable or illegal to complete your reservation. This Policy applies to reservations for both Camera rentals and studio booking.

When this Policy allows for cancellation, it controls and takes precedence over the booking’s cancellation policy. Customers impacted by an event covered by this Policy can reschedule their booking. Budget Camera studio Inc also reserves the privilege to reschedule bookings if impacted by an event covered by this Policy.What events are covered

This Policy uses the term “Event” to refer to the following situations that occur after booking, are unforeseen at the time of booking, and prevent or legally prohibit completion of the reservation.

Changes to government travel requirements. Unexpected changes to visa or passport requirements imposed by a governmental agency prevent travel to the destination. This doesn’t include lost or expired travel documents or other personal circumstances relating to a guest’s authorization to travel.

It declared emergencies and epidemics. Government-declared local or national emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, and public health emergencies. This does not include diseases that are endemic or commonly associated with an area—for example, malaria in Thailand or dengue fever in Hawaii.

Government travel restrictions. A governmental agency imposes travel restrictions that prevent or prohibit travelling to, staying at, or returning from the Listing location. This does not include non-binding travel advisories and similar government guidance.

Military actions and other hostilities. Acts of war, hate, invasions, civil war, terrorism, explosions, bombings, rebellions, riots, insurrection, civil disorder, and civil unrest.

Natural disasters include acts of God, large-scale outages of essential utilities, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe and abnormal weather events. This does not include weather or natural conditions that are common within the season, Eg: thunderstorms, snowstorms, extreme cold or warm temperature

What is not covered

Everything else. This Policy only allows for cancellations for the Events described above. Everything else is excluded. Examples of situations that this Policy does not allow cancellations for include: unexpected disease, illness, or injury; government obligations like jury duty, court appearances or military duties; travel advisories or other government guidance; cancellation or rescheduling of your booking for which the booking was made; and transportation disruptions unrelated to a covered Event like road closures, as well as flight, train, bus and ferry cancellations. If you cancel a booking in these cases, the amount of refunds or rescheduling fee will be determined by the applicable Policy for the booking.

We might require a doctor’s report in the case of health-related emergencies.

What to do next

If your booking falls under the extenuating events mentioned above, please get in touch with us to explore possible options for cancellations or rescheduling.

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