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Earn points every time you rent

Our loyalty and reward program allows you to earn points whenever you rent from us or refer a friend. Points can be used as rental credit.

Same-Day Pickup or Delivery

Enjoy flexible pickup and delivery options, even on Saturdays. You can pick up your rentals in-store or have them delivered to your location. We guarantee a seamless and stress-free experience.

Camera Prep

Camera preparation involves checking, testing, and rigging your equipment, reducing the risk of technical issues during filming. We provide a free camera prep space to ensure that all your technical needs are met before your production day.

Crew Support

Whether you need a one-man army or an extra hand for your production, we have a network of skilled filmmakers ready to assist.

Tech Support

Our gear experts can assist you in finding the suitable equipment that meets both your production needs and budget.

In-house Repairs

We have in-house technicians who service and maintain our equipment at all times, ensuring your order is always ready for pickup.

Free Rescheduling

We understand that situations arise where project dates change. We offer a flexible rental process, which includes free rescheduling up to 24 hours before the pickup date.

Student Discount

We are committed to nurturing creativity and supporting students in their growth by offering discounts on equipment and services. Discount eligibility is limited to students enrolled in Media, Visual Arts, or Fine Arts programs.

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