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We offer a wide range of high-quality film equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting, and grip gear. From stunning stills to captivating motion, we are here to help! Conveniently located in Toronto, Ontario.


Simplified rental steps

We provide a hassle-free camera rental process. If you can’t find all the film equipment you need here, we’re happy to secure them from other rental houses.

Delivery and pickup (GTA)

We offer flexible camera rental drop-off and pickup service within the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us to make arrangements before your production date.


Well-experienced support team and happy to offer gear recommendations. Give us a call if you need help narrowing things down

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First-time renters are required to create a rental account by completing a one-time rental agreement and providing the required documentation below:

  • Copy of valid government ID

Download the rental agreement form. Email the completed form and required documents
to: contact@budgetcamera.ca or bring them with you during pick-up.

Note that we will need to authorize a $750 hold on your credit card on file. DO NOT email us your credit card; please bring it with you during rental pick-up.  All authorization will be cancelled upon return of the rental.

For American and other international renters, a $1000 hold will be placed on your credit card.


For orders with a total replacement value above $ 7,000 CAD, independent insurance coverage must be required. Certificate of insurance must cover rented production equipment for the total replacement value of the items on your order invoice.

The certificate must name Budget Camera Studio Inc as an additional loss payee. We recommend Front Row Insurance. They offer a variety of convenient insurance quotes depending on if you need just film equipment rental coverage or up to an entire film production insurance package. 

If you have your insurance, we will need proof of insurance. Please ensure that your COI covers rented equipment for loss or damage.

Note that the nature of our business does not allow us to wait for insurance companies for payments, as this might take days and weeks hence impacting other renters that already booked the equipment for the future. We will work directly with the renter to settle financial obligations immediately.